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The Academy has proven to be a challenge over the last two years, the large numbers created a Academy style environment but created a logistical challenge when trying to rearrange weather related issues or simple planning events at our complexes. Over time we have heard from many parents questioning the fact that on any given day they do not know who their coach would be. Another concern was, that due to the large size of the Academy some teams should be learning basics while other teams/groups should have been advancing onto more challenging topics.

We have taken all the concerns and moved towards the following model: no Academy Directors; the Academy coaches will be responsible for training and preparing their teams based on Age appropriate curriculum. The curriculum will be provided by the club DOC.

The Academy is looking to increase its registration to $625 for the u9 -u10s, the u8s will remain at $525. The Academy under the new format will be more demanding and specific to its new streamlined approach. Its added demands are listed below.

Players that are in the Academy program are being evaluated and will be given ID cards with the team they will be placed on. This process will be done prior to the Open Fun night on Friday June 3rd. The Fun night will allow non- OFC players to be placed on Academy teams if needed. Academy registration is expected to open May 24, 2011.

Training Model for Academy players

  • Teams will train at MSSA fields 1-2-3 or TQN. Club would recommend all Academy teams train on set days and venues, we also understand that coaches will make decisions based on their individual schedule.

  • All u9 & u10s will play within the state sanctioned leagues.

  • u8 through u10: Fall season 8-10 weeks, 16 winter training sessions, spring season 8-9 weeks and play in NSL

  • Academy u8s through u10s fees can be paid by credit card either in:
    a) one payment
    b) 3 installments July, October, February
    c) 10 monthly installments, starting mid July through May

  • Each age group will have a pro-coach taking players 1-24, creating two teams, the third team coach taking a group of 12 players creating 36 total per age group. If there is an additional group of players we will try and accommodate those players with a Coach. All other players will be directed towards the YDP.

  • Players will be given home work during the season. This may be technical skill development or added individual tasks. Each team will be responsible for its own budget, schedule and calendar of events, the pro-coaches should coordinate Academy events as a staff.

Academy Culture

Coaches will have a file on each player with their picture and personal details. Typical details to be added to the player file include: session and game attendance, practice comments and more importantly a performance score for each event. Additional scores test and or trials will be held throughout the yearly program to maintain every players performance level.

The Academy player will also need to be educated in the classroom making them more tactically aware and help them grow a true love for the game. Included in this added criteria is a nutritional information guide for the Academy families and an understanding that all Academy players will commit to Community service. Video and game analysis will be a vital tool in the overall education of this program.

The Academy program will adopt a unified warm-up routine that all teams will conduct before games and practices. Players will report to their coach on arrival in order to gain updates or information on the upcoming practice or game. This will either outline the topic or a performance indicator needed for the event.

Academy staff will be committed to this total teaching environment. All Academy staff will be given an opportunity to report their progress to the club DOC on a seasonal basis. The DOC will conduct educational classes, courses, and meetings as needed by the program.

The Academy will benefit from the YDP program. Each year the YDP staff will scout and identify approximately 30 YDP players to transfer to the Academy. These athletes will play in the ENSA U9 Spring division for game experience and coaching.

Academy Coaching staff

2003-2004, u8
Team Gold, coached by Jenny Hall

2002-2003, u9
Team Gold , coached by Matt Bragg, Asst, Bridget Chizek
Team Black, coached by Matt Bragg, Asst, Shane Piper
Team White, coached by Don Klepser

2001-2002, u10
Team Gold, coached by Tanya Benning, David Stoneburner
Team Black, coached by Tanya Benning
Team white, coached by Dean Miller/Brian Ellis

2003-2004, u8s
Team Black

2002-2003, u9
Team Gold , coached by Deco, Tom Deppe
Team Black, coached by Deco
Team White, coached by Tom Deppe, Matt Mcclanathan

2001-2002, u10
Team Gold, coached by James Dean, Don Bauemeister
Team Black, coached by James Dean
Team white, coached by Matt Swartz

YDP into Academy
YDP Director, Christina Lewis will take this program through some upgrades that have at the core, the interest of the players and the daily functioning of the program.

The YDP will introduce a scouting system. The system will be in place to identify players at the U7 age group and more importantly the U8 level. Once players have been identified they will be invited to additional functions to promote their interest in the academy program.

The YDP will have three levels of identification

Level 1: (Entry)
This player will be asked if there is an interest to move toward the next level. If the family is interested, the player will be asked to work on our one star Technical Level.

Level 2: (Identified)
This player will now move towards our two star level, which is a higher level of skill work. We hope the player desires to attend the YDP Plus Camp held during the winter.

Level 3: (Selected)
Now that the player has been identified they will be encouraged to test at the three star level. These players will be encouraged to play ENSA at the u9 level during the spring season.


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